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By Claire / 6 months ago

Hi there,so you’re on our emailing list and open myemails which is great, I appreciate your support.So i wanted to ask you something thatI`m a bit puzzled over.I just wanted to know, what would helpencourage you to take action and
reachyour goalsThe reason I ask is this ….80% of the people who open theseemails, don`t take action, and the other20% are already our loyal clients thatare steadily progressing towards gettingtheir mind and body’s to be where theywant them to be to feel happy, healthyand confident in their skinSo
let me know what would prompt youto take the plunge and give us a chanceto help you become, happierhealthier and fitter?We offer face to face programs as well as a new updated online one so its really just your excuses thatare holding you back from achieving.I`m all up for delivering, what do youthink
? Claire
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