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Figureout was set up by  Claire Hendy  in response to her  increasing frustrations and annoyance with the diet/fitness industries lack of empathy and support for busy working women wanting to lose weight and tone up. Sick of the  lack of understanding, one size fits all approach plus the  false promises of quick easy results that never last, Figureout was BORN.

Being a busy working mum who found it hard to maintain a  happy weight for many years,  Claire has the unique ability to walk in your shoes  and understands how hard it is, to make time for yourself and maintain consistent good habits  faced with the roller coaster of life and what it throws at us. Plus with the natural ups and downs of life,  that all  women who want to lose weight face, and often fall  by the wayside as other priorities take president she is expert at harnessing consistency and getting results no matter what.

Claire has developed a unique solution to your weight loss hang ups, has the best trainers and  nutritionists (specialising in weight loss for women and female hormone issues) under one roof to give you the complete package to get amazing results, plus we have a passion for what we do.

We love what we do, and live and breathe it, literally!

Were super proud to combine our expert knowledge and years and years of experience in order to offer a complete service that focuses on a range of objectives, from weight loss and fitness building to resolving  posture related issues as well as female hormone related ailments/ health issues to getting healthy with more energy.

We are not a franchise, despite out extensive  skills and experience, but fiercely independent and free from influence by any diet or fitness brands. That means the advice we provide is trustworthy and REAL.

We specialise in helping those who haven’t exercised for a while or maybe have an underlying injury that they feel has prevented them from partaking in exercise until now. We have an incredible reputation for delivering amazing results with whatever your level of fitness is to start with.

Our number one focus is entirely on you – personal plans to suite your busy life to get you results and long term  success rate better than ANY of the “diet regimes” out there.

The key to our success, is making the “weight loss roller coaster” a fun journey with like minded women to help and support you along the way so you get healthier, happier as well as smaller, toned and have an all round better quality of life with your family and friends

Our role is to  support, encourage and keep you accountable as you progress in your journey of becoming stronger, healthier, fitter and slimmer.