Time flies

By Claire / 6 months ago

The end of May has 2 significant date for meone being my eldest sons
birthday, and the otherbeing my wedding anniversary.So with Lewis being 14 this year and being marriedfor 23 years, its often a time for reflection andfeeling like time is literally flying by.It makes it real to me that I`m getting older and still have loads of stuff I want to achieve.It pricks my conscious to the stuff I wish I had achieved by now and makes me pull my socks up and get moving with certain goals in my life.Just like last week when I contacted all the applicantsof the last influx of clients on the 30 day programfrom Oct-Dec last year, who had shown an interest but not taken action.Yup that`s over 6 months, for some it would have been9 months of wanting to improve their lifestyle but not taking action and still being in the same situationor same rut.So for me the fast approaching birhday and anniversary area push to get focussed and create a result.So do my e
mails create action in you ? or are they a constant source of pain as you realise you have failed to take action on something you feel passionate about achieving?​​​​​​​C
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