The heart of the home

By Claire / a couple of months ago

30 Days of GratitudeDay 8My Kitchen TableWhen we moved to
Hensol almost 24 years ago, we just had a breakfast bar with silly, uncomfortable high chairs.I guess it was the fashion back then in the 80`s.Best thing for them was the fire, and theykept me warm that first winter !When we made the house our home, one of the things I wanted, as well as the big bath, was a proper kitchen table, as the heart of the house in my eyes is the
kitchen.The kitchen table is the place you all get together to discuss your day and eat nice food.Its where good habits are created, the family bond is supported, as well as it being the place to discuss stuff that’s going on in our day to day life.When we planned our new kitchen,I had in my mind what I wanted,a big high backed corner seat with lots of comfy cushions and lots
of space to sit with friends for coffee or relaxed meals and drinks.Little did I know then, it was going to be justbig enough for a family of 6 to sit around.At the time, there was nothing out there to pick off the self, so I ended up getting a carpenter in to make it for me and the table.My table is virtually indestructible which isgood when you have 4 kids and its extremelyheavy as its inch
thick granite and requires 2 people to move it to hoover under !I have to say it was well worth the investment as its where we all meet once a day for our evening meal.I like us to sit together for food as much as we can as it helps to keep us a tight family.Its where I sit sometimes for inspiration anddo videos for the business.So to me its more than just a table in a kitchen, its
part of the glue that keeps a family together.Claire x
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