Our BIG Announcement

By Claire / a few months ago

Its been a while coming, but next weekthe brand NEW Figureout Fatloss
ProgramBooklet will be revealed.Its the most up to date version of thesuccessful lifestyle change program thathas helped hundreds of local ladiesfor the past 5 years.Its been refined and improved over the years to incorporate a number of different variations to get the same consistent and long term results.It has the flexibility to work around what yourlooking for as well as incorporate all
your favourite foods and busy working life.We personally work around you, because we know that you have tried many different “diets” in the past and we are unique in the fact that,we fit the plan around you.So if you
haven’t worked with us for a while, ormaybe never taken the plunge before would you like a FREE copy ? Current women on the Figureout Fatloss Plan willreceive their copies next week, would yourlike one as well, so you can see for yourself how weachieve the results that we do ?Message me if your interested. ClairePS Want to come join us
to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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