Oozing awesomeness

By Claire / last month

So this week, I`ve been having some help putting my Post Christmas Promotion together to get some new women on board.A really nice guy called Stuart has been helping me with the words on my advertsand flyers for the new year.Now, I am not the best with words, I always struggled with English is school, to be honest.It was something I “got through” at GCSEor “O” level, if your as old as me and then left if for the folks who had a talent for it.I always found it hard when the teachersaid “express yourself in words”, it waslike “how do you do that ?”I often used to stare at the empty pagewondering, how I portray that in words??I felt it was
a skill I wasn’t born with, and felt much happier writing about science stuff which had no creative element included.How funny is that ?Now that much of my work these
days is writing stuff that makes senseand explains what we do at FigureoutFatloss as well as expressing my feelings,so that other women feel safe in the factthat I have very often gone through whatthey are feeling
now and need help with.Yup, my grammar and spelling are not the best, even though I do try my best. I often get some of the figure out girls to correct my work, when its for
something special. So speaking to Stuart the other evening, wewere discussing just what FigureoutFatloss is.How would I explain it to someone who hadnever heard of it before in a nutshell.What one liner, would succinctly express what Figureout Fatloss does for women out there. WE came up with this….We help women become the most AWESOME version of themselves
possible.OR We create women who ooze awesomeness !Which do you reckon is best ?PLUS just remember if your still sitting on the fence, as to when your going to pull
your fingerout and become Awesome yourself just remember …..You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.Don`t use others as an
excuse to making that CHANGE xDoors close on join now pay in January on the10th Dec @5pmIf you join now you have time to become a dress size smaller for Christmas and learn how to bombproof yourself for the festivities.ORIts my January Offerwhere you get the chance to win £500Have a look HEREClaire
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