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Claire Hendy is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist offering naturopathic nutritional advice as well as weight loss nutritional advice to clients throughout the South Wales area and beyond. Her clinic, which is located in the Vale and has over 20 years experience in the health, well being and the fitness industry.

Claire currently specialises in women’s weight loss and female hormone issues including infertility, heavy periods, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and other related issues.

Claire offers a sensible and effective approach to weight loss and offers nutritional advice for any health problems and is able to give the natural outlook on successful healing rather than ” a pill to heal ” which we are all too quick to turn to instead of natural remedies which have been used effectively for many years.

Advice is given on diet, supplements, herbs as well as suitable exercise regimes. The consultations are based on individual requirements and involves taking a detailed look at life style as well as diet and current activity.

Claire has a unique approach to health that draws on many philosophies and disciplines to give a holistic approach to wellness as well as the most up to date fatloss principles and research. She also runs Figureout a health and wellness program for those looking to make a transformation to their lifestyle as well as their bodies.

Helping clients to live a healthier lifestyle at their own pace, the business provides individuals with professional advice.
Claire offers a simple and stress free way to achieve optimum health and confidence in your body and how you feel.
Feel free to have a chat, or book a consultation.

Kirsty Testimonial

As soon as turned 11, I started experiencing really uncomfortable stomach cramps. Every other week I was crushed with agonising pains throughout my stomach and was taken to my GP on a regular basis. I often found myself in the back of an ambulance after losing consciousness but was told I was simply experiencing period pains and would have to get used to them – every woman has to and I was no different. It wasn’t until I got to 13 when the GP finally agreed to help. I was put on high doses of pain killers and was relying on them every day of my life. I was told I had to go on the contraceptive pill to try & control my periods as back then, they were lasting up to 28 days. I was anaemic and  struggling to get up and go to school everyday, let along spend time with friends afterwards & at the weekend. This went on for a further 8 years. Countless trips to the GP, trips to the A&E department after I had passed out with pain & anaemia.
Finally, once I had turned 18, I insisted on being referred if nothing else than for a scan. I had almost given in to believing that my friends, family and doctors were right – maybe it was in my head & I just had a low pain threshold? Eventually, I had an ultrasound scan where it was identified that one of my ovaries was completely engulfed in cysts and what appeared to be a “mass of tissue”. After a month of various tests, being told I was potentially looking at cancer and waiting for results, I was taken into exploratory surgery.

I was 19 by the time I was told I had Endometriosis. Most people would have been devastated at this news but my initial reaction was relief. I had been told for 8 years there was nothing wrong with me, 8 years of friends, family & doctors not believing the pain I was going through & 8 years of feeling entirely alone and scared. At least now I knew that it wasn’t just me, there’s was a reason for it. The following years didn’t change much, more surgeries, more pain relief tablets and more passing out. I was isolated, alone and unreliable. I was unable to commit to plans with friends in fear of not being able to follow through if I was having a bad day. I was struggling with work, being in agonising pain and fainting with little warning. I lost one job due to this condition ruling my life and I felt I was losing control of everything. I had my driving lisence taking away from me, my independence ripped from under my feet for a condition that very few people even knew about let alone understood.

Claire – I met Claire through a friend, Laura, a few months ago, I’m 26 now and have lived with Endo 15 years without finding anything that has “controlled” it. In all honesty, I didn’t have much faith in the work Claire was offering at first, but i had just had my lisence taken away and didn’t see any harm in trying something new. Laura convinced me to give it a chance and some time. I met with Claire and explained my situation, she was honest, explained that my circumstances were different but she promised she wouldn’t give up as long as i didn’t. I came away feeling really positive and looking forward to getting started. I told Claire my goals were to not have to rely on pain killers every day, to regulate my periods so i could mange the pain more effectively in other ways and to get my driving lisence back. Claire understood straight away hone important these goals were to me and i knew straight away that i was going to put every effort in and follow every advice she game me.

Its only been a few months now i think but i have undoubtedly seen a difference in myself.  I’m eating healthier and have a lot more energy now, i am playing sports again which i have always loved. I’m not relying on any prescribed pain relief medication and i can roughly predict when my period will be now. This is a massive step forward for me, I’m able to make plans with friends now, I’m out and about more confidently, not worrying about what might happen. I haven’t fainted in months and my attendance at work has improved as a result. My employer has noticed a cha ge in my attitude and friends and family have told me i am a happier person now. Claire has done for me what countless doctors and specialists were unable to do. Claire gave me the hope that i can turn things around and take back control of my own life. Iv slowly beaten depression without relying on any medication (much to my GPs frustration!) and and have completely stopped all prescribed medication from my consultant.