My Lake

By Claire / a couple of months ago

30 Days of GratitudeDay 5My LakeOn my doorstep I have a beautiful walk. It’s called the tulip trail, I`mnot sure why, as I have never seen any tulips.It`s a walk I have done for over 23 years.This lake has been walked around,pre children, with children in push chairs,with children on scooters/bikes/go cartsin pain , pre knee op andin pain, post knee op.Its often where I will start my day
off listening to podcasts, music.Its where I often do my business videos as its a beautiful back drop.Its where I lose my stress and decompress from my day.Its where Rich and I chat about plans for
the family, organise trips, talk about the stuff, so many couples miss out on when they are at home with the many distractions like the telly, children, phones and the general house work thing.It’s beautiful in the summer, autumn, winter and spring.I love the variety,
when its windy, sunny, cold, overcast and the full harvest moon last night was one of my favourites.We see the swans have their babies, grow and depart every year.We always cross our fingers and hope to see the same number of babies every time we go for a
walk.This year there have been 5 from the start and 5 as their time at the lake ends.So the swans have had a good year this year.​​​​​​​Happy Friday
Source: Awber

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