It's still bloody magnificent

By Claire / a couple of months ago

30 Days of Gratitude Day 7In the past 12 months I have had a knee op
and extensive physiotherapy to get me back moving.My Dad had many rounds of chemotherapy as well as several stays in hospital for treatment forstomach cancer.My Mum has been diagnosed and undergone major surgery for bowel cancer.AS I sit her in my Mums house, writing this,the district nurse has come to her every singleday since her surgery on the 31 August, and the surgery nurse has come to
do blood tests once sometimes twice a week to check all is well.So my gratitude today has to go to the NHS.Yes it has its faults, yes its underfunded to breaking point, yes it’s going to fail unless we look after it a bit better.Yes it will be the folk who neglect their health as well as the folk who are genuinely in need of care that will suffer the most.Yes it could do better, BUT it’s
still bloody magnificent.Claire
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