How to START

By Claire / a few months ago

Firstly remember everyone has to STARTsomewhere. Best thing is
to not OVERTHINK it.Juts get started with something SIMPLEthat you can achieve.If your not sure what to do then keepa food diary for a week, and just be HONEST and write EVERYTHING down on it.From that diary, stuff will pop out at youlike…I eat too much of …I don`t eat enough of …. etcDecide what your going to change and change it gradually, then move ontothe next thing you think you need to
changeIf your not sure, send ME your diary andI can help you make a start.Secondly, take a starting point and …1 weight2 take measurements3 take photosIn the weeks and months that
follow you will be grateful for doing the above.In times when your struggling andwondering if its worth it, thosestarting measurements and photoswill be THE thing that helps driveyou on.If you need to know how often to weigh,measure, and the best way to photographyourself as well as how to take accuratemeasurements, ask me and I will show you.​​​​​​​ Cheers ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HERE
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