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By Claire / last month

You may call it …..Lust for lifeZestMojo ?As its almost,
the SEASON for giving, I`m covering the 5 things that holdyou back and how to get on top of themNow if your happy where your at with your LifeBodyHealthThen this is not for you, well done and keep at it.If your not, then…….In the next 7 days Im going to cover the main worries, fears and feeling that I see in local women who have reached out for help, over the last 6 years, I have been
running FigureoutFatlossSo,Im going to be honest with you and showyou that you are not the only one feelingwhat you feel, but more importantly,show you how to to CHANGE for the BETTERI like helping women, generally in the age range of 35 and 55 who work, havechildren and look after everyone else, but seem to have neglected THEMSELVES.Why?Because I associate myself with thissituation,
and have empathy and real feelingfor those women who find themseves in thisrut.I have felt all of the below at some pointin time, and still do sometimes.The main themes I see are ….1 They feel lacklustre with no energy2 The think they look awful3 They have lost their confidence4 They feel generally overweight, bloated, unfit, self conscious5 They feel like their best days are behind them, 6 They dont like seeing
themselves in the mirror with their clothes off7 They feel let down and no confidence in diets and exercise 8 They feel lazy and embarrassed at their lack of willpower to stick to anything to see any meaningful results, so many false starts has been painful.9 They feel guilt over letting themselves get this bad10 They feel its all downhill with the menopause looming in front of them, or feeling11 They have lost their Lust for life and their ability to just
kick back and have fun.So Im going to cover 5 basic areas …..1 PHYSICALLY FEELING AWFULHow to move away from feeling…..fed up of feeling fat and bloated,unfit, out of breath beyond walking,like a sofa creature,older than your years,like you have no energy, cant be bothered and past it,younger folk in work making you feel even worse,embarrassed when you look at yourself in
the mirrorundressed and avoid your other half seeing you with no clothes on.2 FEELING INVISIBLEHow to move away from…feeling like you can only wear cover ups and dark colours,avoiding being photographed and hiding away,being overly sensitive, when it comes to comments orlaughing off your size in public when privately its crippling you,dreading buying clothes, changing rooms and the whole size thing,feeling insecure
with what to wear that`s remotely fashionable and trendy,having the cash to splash, but feel nothing looks nice on you,dreading going out, social occasions, mirrors, real profile shotsand the fear of meeting people who you haven’t seen for years and their comments on how you have changed.3 MENTALLY FEELING DOWNDo you feel the following….that your just not worthy to spend the time and effort on yourself,you are not a
priority,your confidence is non existent in reality, despite trying to laugh it offthat you don`t have the time or commitment, with work, family stuff as well as feeling guilty if its not time spent on them,breaking your current bad habits seems impossible as they are your crutch,you struggle to get the willpower and motivation to do what you know you need to do,you struggle with overwhelm, overthinking, resistance to
changeas well as a big dose of procrastination.4 PAST FAILURESMaybe you …..have tried countless diets in the past,are sick of failure,feel they have been too restrictive and cant stick to them,are afraid of being hungry, lacking in energy and not keenon eating diet foods you don`t like,are sick of tasteless,laborious plain and dry foods,are sick of all or nothing and the pain of being “on a diet”,feel you cant live
without your favourite foods and feel no chips no cake, no social life is just not for you.5 FEARMaybe the thought of having to change, is something fills you with fear and prevents you from moving forward.It could be ….fear of the unknown, or assuming its going to be uncomfortable to change,your scared of being judged and having someone who you think is lacking in empathy and understanding of what your going
through,your worried the trainer, may even harm or aggravate a pre existing condition,you feel you will be judged as lazy,worried they will be the fattest most unfit , belittled by all the gym bunnies and fit guys,you have felt ashamed in the past of continual false starts,you feel its too late, your too old and past it and your going to struggle to keep up or do what the trainer asks you to do so you feel humiliated,your scared to be weighed
and measured.If you are reading any of this and thinking YES that`s meKEEP your eye on this page over the next weekYOU CAN DO IT xIf you’re looking for a bit of a heads up before the festivities start, or maybe just some help and advice on how you enjoy and not go MAD andfeel awful come the New Year, why not join us ?Doors close on join now pay in January on the10th Dec @5pmIf you join now you have time to become a dress size smaller for Christmas and learn how to bombproof yourself for the festivities.ORIts my January Offerwhere we give you a 200% money back​​​​​​​guarantee if you don`t reach your goal.Have a look HEREClaire
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