Hey how are you getting on?

By Claire / 6 months ago

As you know I regularly post up on herewith whats going well with me
and what I struggle with.I can honestly say, the last 2 weeks have been a struggle emotionally, dealing with my parents who are both ill.Its been a shock to see my Dad so illand my Mum get diagnosed with cancer.Its kinda made me refocus on whats important and how lucky we are to have good health.Having spend lots of time in hospitalwards …waiting for tests waiting for results, waiting for procedures, waiting for doctors to come see us.So much waiting, it does give you time to stop and think about where your going andwhy your doing it.So progress for me has been slow the past few weeks and training way off where itusually is, BUT the key think is….I aint giving UP.Short term it would be easy to use my parentsas an excuse, not to eat right or exercise,and I see this so often in women who facechallenges in their
lives.See, there will always be something we can useas a valid or invalid excuse for not making the bestversion of yourself there is and keep waiting for the right time, but there never is a right time.Plus long term “starting from scratch”
is so much harder than just doing your best through a bad patch.So that`s why I kinda see this as a continuous journey,where sometimes the wind is with you
and some times you feel like your in the doldrums, waitingfor the wind to change.Key thing is…… to NEVER give UP !So if your needing help to stay on track and see some long term results, why not come see how we keep focus when the going gets tough.Or if your sick and tired of giving up maybe we can help motivate your through the hard timesso you dont end up failing again ?Let me know what your struggling with, to end the waiting. ​​​​​​​C x
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