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Sneaky shopping

By Claire / a couple of days ago

30 Day of GratitudeDay 15Sneaky care free shoppingwith my daughter.I have to say the love of shopping has eluded me for many years now.From having a
belligerent platoon of folkwith you, who need “stuff” but show absolutelyno positivity towards getting new said “stuff”for themselves.To a husband who knows he needs stuff but can only focus on buying 1 thing in a shopping trip, so if we are shopping for jeans and I see a nice jumper, its just not computable to think about anything else but jeans.THEN…..Finding the right size, in the right colour, then passing the fashion test for either…1 A 9 year old girl who`s girly, but not too girly2 A sporty fashion conscious 12 year old boy who wants all clothes to be suitable to kick a football
around in.3 A very fussy, stroppy, very fashion conscious hormonal 14 yr old teenage boy, with those annoying wants for stupid often expensive stuff, which gets me hot under the collar.4 An older teenage daughter who always wants, the tightest jeans, the silliest crop tops in winter, and super expensive trainers, but not to train in ??By the time it comes to even just having a browse for me, I`m exhausted and can’t be
bothered.All I`m good for, is grabbing some fresh cockles in the indoor market and deciding which pub to have a pint in, either …..Tiny Rebel, Brewdog, Hopbunker or a Wetherspoons cos I`m done with shopping.Or, having a browse means you get the evils from said platoon who you have just bought “stuff” for, when you wander off the pavement to a shop that might be remotely interesting to you.So its
a nice new chapter, to have the odd trip, very infrequently into Cardiff for a leisurely browse, for “stuff” for ME with Bobby ! Claire PS 10 weeks to Christmas, if your looking to drop a few inches to look hot for Christmas, we will be open for new starters next week .
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Let it go..

30 Day of GratitudeDay 14Its good to ventYesterday was one of those days where I had to vent my anger and upset.When you lead a busy life but
helpsomeone to the very best you can.You go the extra mile for them to the detriment of doing your own stuff.You juggle your stuff around them so they get served and cared for.Your willing to do it,
with no thought of yourself, just happy to help where you can, then it gets slapped back in your face.All you have done is help and give.This is when I get ACTIVATED !When you feel that mixture of hurtand anger inside its like a
fireworkgoing off in an enclosed space, it for me, has to get out.Being a fiery, passionate, red head,it has to be discharged, else someonewill get it and I will regret my actions and conversations when I have cooled
down.So I am massively grateful to my familywho I discharged my anger and upset to last night.Today is another day !​​​​​​​
Claire x
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Cut loose in Brighton

30 Day of GratitudeDay 13Having Finally having the lady balls to …Cut loose in BrightonSo last weekend was the first timeEVER for us to go away without thechildren.Its something we have thought aboutfor a long time but chickened outas it was just too scary to
leavethe children behind.I had a training day to attend inBrighton and up till now I haveeither gone on my own or we havegone as a family to
these events.In the days before we went, myemotions swayed from, yes godo it, to no, its just not agood idea and feeling veryaprehensive about
the wholething.Finally the day came to leaveand once I had made a finalcheck on my “surrogate parents”aka my best mates who
werekeeping an eye on my platoonwhile I was a way, we were off.I have to say, it was reallyamazing to be away with justthe two of us, it
was…invigorating and I truly feltopenly excited, just like whenkids are excited.Once we had checked in and
Ihad done the habitual phonehome to make sure all was well,it was a hop skip and a jumpdown the prom overlookingthe sea and all of Brighton`sdelights starting with Brew dog.Claire x
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Eggs and the directors couch

In a week where its now safe to eat arunny yolk again if its got a red lion on it, we also saw a powerful directorHarvey Weinstein fall from grace.Personally I have never stopped eating runny eggs and given them to my children, but have always bought free range andwhere
possible organic.I personally can never understand why anyone still buys the caged variety, both from the perspective of the hens welfare as well as the dubious quality of the eggs.Eggs are such an amazing source of vitamins, as well as protein and very
cheap.I always suggest them as a good option to the women who come on board at Figureout.For breakfast they are a much better optionthan your cereal and toast.Initially they were labelled as high incholesterol
and it was only safe to eat2/3 a week,what a load of utter twaddlethat was !Much like the low fat diet myth has been blown out of the water recently and thewider population have caught on to the fact that some fats are very beneficial for health.Finally the cholesterol myth has beenquashed, though I still see some folkwho haven’t got the message about eggs or the low fat thing, there is always someone who is slow to catch on !Talking
about slow to catch on, I`m guessing this Harvey Weinstein story will rumble on and its going to uncover a good few more famousfaces and shame them for this practice. Each day we have seen famous actresses queue to
slate him as a sex pest and operating the proverbial “directors couch”.Much like the Jimmy Saville story, its going to uncover a whole can of worms and many more will be exposed
as time goes on.Shocking to think this still happens.Claire x
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Free to…..

30 Days of GratitudeDay
11FreedomYup this feels like a tricky one to tackle to day, BUT here goes…I`m very glad I was born in a country where I have freedom of choice.where I can wear what I want to wear,drive a car,marry or live with who I want to live with,get a job in whatever profession I want,have as many children as I
want,go back to the same job after I havehad children,travel wherever I want,say what I want and be in control ofmy own destiny !​​​​​​​Claire x
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Your amazing Body

30 Days of GratitudeDay 10My BodyMY body, your body is an amazing thing.It does everything it possibly can to help you work to your best ability.If you treat it
good, it can do amazingthings.If you treat it bad it will try its utmostto still heal, and keep you going.Its ability to repair and be sculptedas well as cope with extremes isamazing, we really are lucky to haveour bodies.Mine has had its fair share of challenges..I’ve managed to break both armsI`ve done way too much running and given myself shin splints.I had 4 C sections in less than 7 yearsI have snapped my cruciate ligament twiceI abused my body with way to much alcohol when I was unhappy and stressedandI put immense pressure on my bodywhen I was 5 stone over weight withchronic asthma which magically got significantly better when I lost weight !So today is definitely a day to be grateful for my body.After many weeks of feeling
run down, with allthe stress I have been through lately, niggly coughs, colds and generally feeling lowin energy.​​​​​​​Today’s workout was a breeze and I felt fresh after my session, so extremely gratefulClaire x
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The Older Mum

30 Days of GratitudeDay 9The gift of being an older Mum.At 39, I found myself pregnant again,thinking my days of dirty nappies,potty training and all that stuff waswell behind me.I was gearing up to get my life back on track both with business, as well as my body.I had done my time with all things relatedto having babies as well as keeping the localvillage school open !Then bang, I was going g to be the “older mum”.With just 8 days between our birthdays, Graceaka “mini me” is 40 years younger than me.That means next year when I hit the big 50,Grace will just be 10.Yup when I`m 60 she will just be 20,at 70 she will be 30.Yup get my drift, I don`t want to be a burdento my youngest child, quite the opposite.I want to be young in mind, and as strong in body as I can to enjoy our time together and hopefully be an active grand parent.Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I can`t see into
the future, BUT I can strive to be as strong and healthy as possible.This is where we all make a decision consciously or unconsciously to our destiny in later life.Yup, life can throw a curve ball, yes I know all about cancer and other diseases, I can`t do an awful
lot about that, but I can to the best of my abilities be thebest version of me possible.Plus, I have very few memories of my grandparents as they were either dead before I was born or had died when I was fairly young, so memories are fairly sketchy.Drinking Advocat with my granny in
her bed in the morning, with the Spring sun streaming into what was to become my bedroom, was one of the best, tucked under the sheets so my mum wouldn’t see what we were up to.Good old granny Williams.So, Grace is a constant reminder to me to be….a bad ass in the gym, keep walking when its raining, keep doing the cardio when its killing, make my nutrition the best I can and stay young in mind with learning something new, as often as I can.Grace in return keeps me …young in mind, makes me laugh with her funny wacky ways,shares my sense of
silliness, shows me how stubborn I can be as well a how to forgive and lighten up when I get a bit strict and serious.Deeply grateful to be an older mum, it’s the best prompt to look after yourself. Claire
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The heart of the home

30 Days of GratitudeDay 8My Kitchen TableWhen we moved to
Hensol almost 24 years ago, we just had a breakfast bar with silly, uncomfortable high chairs.I guess it was the fashion back then in the 80`s.Best thing for them was the fire, and theykept me warm that first winter !When we made the house our home, one of the things I wanted, as well as the big bath, was a proper kitchen table, as the heart of the house in my eyes is the
kitchen.The kitchen table is the place you all get together to discuss your day and eat nice food.Its where good habits are created, the family bond is supported, as well as it being the place to discuss stuff that’s going on in our day to day life.When we planned our new kitchen,I had in my mind what I wanted,a big high backed corner seat with lots of comfy cushions and lots
of space to sit with friends for coffee or relaxed meals and drinks.Little did I know then, it was going to be justbig enough for a family of 6 to sit around.At the time, there was nothing out there to pick off the self, so I ended up getting a carpenter in to make it for me and the table.My table is virtually indestructible which isgood when you have 4 kids and its extremelyheavy as its inch
thick granite and requires 2 people to move it to hoover under !I have to say it was well worth the investment as its where we all meet once a day for our evening meal.I like us to sit together for food as much as we can as it helps to keep us a tight family.Its where I sit sometimes for inspiration anddo videos for the business.So to me its more than just a table in a kitchen, its
part of the glue that keeps a family together.Claire x
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It's still bloody magnificent

30 Days of Gratitude Day 7In the past 12 months I have had a knee op
and extensive physiotherapy to get me back moving.My Dad had many rounds of chemotherapy as well as several stays in hospital for treatment forstomach cancer.My Mum has been diagnosed and undergone major surgery for bowel cancer.AS I sit her in my Mums house, writing this,the district nurse has come to her every singleday since her surgery on the 31 August, and the surgery nurse has come to
do blood tests once sometimes twice a week to check all is well.So my gratitude today has to go to the NHS.Yes it has its faults, yes its underfunded to breaking point, yes it’s going to fail unless we look after it a bit better.Yes it will be the folk who neglect their health as well as the folk who are genuinely in need of care that will suffer the most.Yes it could do better, BUT it’s
still bloody magnificent.Claire
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The sun always shines NOT

30 Days of GratitudeDay 6The weather forecast.Yes they
can get it wrong, but theymostly get it right.It`s good to have a heads up, whenits potentially going to be sunny and drylike yesterday and today.Yes it’s great to be able to plan the mundane things like drying the washing, but fab for the more interesting things like going out for walk.We live in a country where the weather can change so quickly plus we are “lucky” when the sun
shines.So, its good to have a heads up, when its going to shower its lush rays onto us xClaire
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