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Hey how are you getting on?

By Claire / a couple of weeks ago

As you know I regularly post up on herewith whats going well with me
and what I struggle with.I can honestly say, the last 2 weeks have been a struggle emotionally, dealing with my parents who are both ill.Its been a shock to see my Dad so illand my Mum get diagnosed with cancer.Its kinda made me refocus on whats important and how lucky we are to have good health.Having spend lots of time in hospitalwards …waiting for tests waiting for results, waiting for procedures, waiting for doctors to come see us.So much waiting, it does give you time to stop and think about where your going andwhy your doing it.So progress for me has been slow the past few weeks and training way off where itusually is, BUT the key think is….I aint giving UP.Short term it would be easy to use my parentsas an excuse, not to eat right or exercise,and I see this so often in women who facechallenges in their
lives.See, there will always be something we can useas a valid or invalid excuse for not making the bestversion of yourself there is and keep waiting for the right time, but there never is a right time.Plus long term “starting from scratch”
is so much harder than just doing your best through a bad patch.So that`s why I kinda see this as a continuous journey,where sometimes the wind is with you
and some times you feel like your in the doldrums, waitingfor the wind to change.Key thing is…… to NEVER give UP !So if your needing help to stay on track and see some long term results, why not come see how we keep focus when the going gets tough.Or if your sick and tired of giving up maybe we can help motivate your through the hard timesso you dont end up failing again ?Let me know what your struggling with, to end the waiting. ​​​​​​​C x
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23 years ago TODAY

I got married !Around that time ……Nelson Mandela was presidentThe Channel Tunnel was openedAyrton Senna diedWet Wet wet – Love is all around was Number 1 Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley John Smith (Labour Party leader)
dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in London.The Film Four Weddings and a Funeral released in the UK.The Camelot Group consortium wins the contract to run the UK’s first National Lottery,Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have dinner at the Granita restaurant in Islington and allegedly make a deal on who will become the leader of the Labour Party, and
ultimately, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.23 years ago we were wearing the leotards with the string up our bottoms, and I was a participant not a teacher !MY how times have changed.But one constant has been my better halfRichard, through good and harder times, always there to talk stuff through.The calm to my fire, the sense
to my madness,the patience to my impatience.So hope your all having a good Bank Holiday.30 days of FF for £30 is back Offer open for the next few days only. See tomorrows e mail for more info . Claire
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You have a delivery

Hi there,so you’re on our emailing list and open myemails which is great, I appreciate your support.So i wanted to ask you something thatI`m a bit puzzled over.I just wanted to know, what would helpencourage you to take action and
reachyour goalsThe reason I ask is this ….80% of the people who open theseemails, don`t take action, and the other20% are already our loyal clients thatare steadily progressing towards gettingtheir mind and body’s to be where theywant them to be to feel happy, healthyand confident in their skinSo
let me know what would prompt youto take the plunge and give us a chanceto help you become, happierhealthier and fitter?We offer face to face programs as well as a new updated online one so its really just your excuses thatare holding you back from achieving.I`m all up for delivering, what do youthink
? Claire
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Time flies

The end of May has 2 significant date for meone being my eldest sons
birthday, and the otherbeing my wedding anniversary.So with Lewis being 14 this year and being marriedfor 23 years, its often a time for reflection andfeeling like time is literally flying by.It makes it real to me that I`m getting older and still have loads of stuff I want to achieve.It pricks my conscious to the stuff I wish I had achieved by now and makes me pull my socks up and get moving with certain goals in my life.Just like last week when I contacted all the applicantsof the last influx of clients on the 30 day programfrom Oct-Dec last year, who had shown an interest but not taken action.Yup that`s over 6 months, for some it would have been9 months of wanting to improve their lifestyle but not taking action and still being in the same situationor same rut.So for me the fast approaching birhday and anniversary area push to get focussed and create a result.So do my e
mails create action in you ? or are they a constant source of pain as you realise you have failed to take action on something you feel passionate about achieving?​​​​​​​C
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Sitting in the church waiting for the funeral to start

it became glaringly obvious what the consequencesof being
overweight/fat/obese can have on those around you.My Mum`s sister had always been overweight since I couldremember, big eater, big boozer and to be honest,when she was younger it didnt really stop her doing anything in the day to day activities of living.However I can
always remember during the Queens Jubilee in 1977, I had chicken pox really bad, and the doctorcame to see me. After I had the once over, he told my Mum that her sister needed to do something about her weight, cos she was showing the classic signs of obesity related illnesses, higher blood pressure etc. So scroll forward 20 plus years and my Aunty never tookany of the advice from the doctor, or my Mum (most people never do if they are told by their nearest and dearest) as she just continued to pile on the weight, as its so easy to do as you get older.Like the frog coming to the boil in the pan of water, it kinda creeps up on you, then BANG !Hypertension led to bad circulation, poor mobility, morepills more treatment, more hospital visits.I
honestly lost track of exactly what was going on cos therewas always something wrong with her, in and out of hospitalwith one thing or another, it must have felt to the poor ladyshe was living in the hospital.So in the Funeral……my cousin
basically summed up the last 7 years of her life as HELL. Yup there was several times when we were not sure she was going to pull through, had the last rights read toher, several amputations of parts of her leg asher circulation was so poor and diabetes was unrelenting.So 7 years of hell before she passed away.So that was also 7 years of hell for her daughter, who lookedafter her and tended to her needs. An amazing strong lady I truly admire her dedication and love.7 years of worry and frustration for all the other children in the family as well as her brothers and sister.But still the lesson isn’t learnt, my cousin, was a strong anddoting daughter to her mum, is following in her mothers footsteps and is morbidly obese. So the important message hasn’t been understood and acted upon.Don`t get me wrong, we each get a genetic hand of cards dealt tous which we cannot change, but we can do as much as physicallypossible to reduce those odds
ourselves.The unrelenting truth though is the more overweight you are, the greater your chance of horrible things happening to you as you get older.What does annoy me, is the fact we have grown accustomed to accepting and
ignoring the above fact and its consequencesand often doubting its truth.Facts are this ….. Approximately 7 out of 10 adults in the UK are overweight.Don`t get me wrong I love the fact that there are
more women outthere who are rebelling against the super skinny models, airbrushing and rallying the cause for being real women andloving ourselves, but please dont dress this up that there areno health risks to being overweight cos its just not true.The other thing I would say is this being fit and fat is no getout of jail card either. Its wrong to assume cos your fit youwont fall for obesity related diseases, yes your will be fitterbut your fat doesn’t turn into “fit fat” if your exercising.Plus when your younger, your not going to potentially show thesigns of
obesity related issues, it tends to creep up on you inyour late 40s and 50s. So for me as an older parent, I want to see my kids grow up and be well and as healthy as I can.I want to play an active role as I possibly can with potential grand children I may have as well.Plus from my own selfish reasons I want to enjoy the autumnof my life rather that it being a continuous conveyor belt ofhospital appointments.I want to be well, I want to live in the
moment and look to a healthy future for as long as possible, so I refuse to growold and sick gracefully !Having had gall bladder issues in the past, feeling so ill, in so much pain and very anxious as your life is in their hands,waiting in an A andE for hr upon hr to work out what was wrong with me, it taught me a very important lesson.Also being a woman of “that age” ie nearly 50, that`s when stuff startsto go wrong if your not looking after yourself, as I see it in so many women who come to me for help to bring them back to life so to speak.So its not about attaching a label to obesity,like lazy, ugly etc, its more about realising the risks and the consequences go way beyond you. Claire
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With 10 weeks to the start of the Summer
HolsI`m guessing some of you still have a bit to go to achieve what your want before you hit the beach or the pool ?So what If I gave you a 200% money back guaranteethat in 10 weeks I can shrink you 2 dress sizesbefore you go ?Thing is you have to start this week to achieve it ?I have 2 places for Wed and 1 for Thurs currently FREEI`m looking to fill these places and keen to get more local women to their goal weight/size. Interest you
? Claire
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Hi, how are you getting on ?

Every 6 months or so, I contact to womenwho have shown an interest in Figureoutbut not actually taken action and committedto change, for whatever reason or seen epicresults in a 30 day trial and then think theycan continue getting the same results on their own.Some of the reasons are understandable but 99%of the time they are just excuses for not putting themselves high enough on the priority list andcommitting to creating a happier healthier version of themselves.So yesterday I contacted everyone who had come to me for help in the past 6 months and asked themhow they were, how they were getting on and if they needed my help in any way.Every single one of them had not made any significant inroads into the goals they so passionately describedwhen they came to me for help all those months ago. In 6 months with the ladies in Figureout, I’ve seen women move to maintenance as they have reached their goal, another lady come off medication as her health has improved, another go on holiday and be happy in her bikini, and so many lbs lost, I’ve lost count.To be honest I could really do with a few more women whowant to lose weight and get started as we have so many onmaintenance at the moment, I could do with another challenge to be honest.So if your
stuck in a rut and haven’t really achieved anything in the past 6 months why not drop me a line and I can at least put you on the right track or if you know your not going to get anywhere relying on your own motivation, why not pop in and see what we do, it maybe just what you need ? ClairePSOpen doors to new starters are…. Mon 22nd May,and Wed 24th May.​​​​​​​and we have 2 places
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I`m ashamed to say…..

NOT !I`m kinda happy with whats looking back at me in the mirror these days, so I actually take a second look.I`m kinda liking the way my legs look toned when I`mlying in the bath, yup there is some definition goingon.Its nice to feel the increasing space in my tops andtrousers instead of pulling at them to create
space.I`m liking the fact my “mummy tummy ” is shrinking and I have the start of ab lines.What feels like all of a sudden my arms look less chunkyand I can see tone.So seems like all my hard work is paying off and as I losethe last few lbs and have my eye on that competition on the 23rd
July.Im going to accept and enjoy how i feel rather thanlooking for the next improvement and goal.So many times I have felt awkward having photos taken onlyto look back at them in years to come and thought, “my goodness did I look that good ?”You ever done that?So, I`m mind full of stopping and enjoying the way I look andfeel and accept the compliments rather than ignoring them.Some say you should just love the skin your in no matterwhat you look like.I admire those that have the strength to feel like this,I
really do.​​​​​​​I know I`m at my most comfortable, happy and confident when I`mnot carrying around a lot of excess weight, and being short Ithink excess weight is amplified cos there is just basicallyless of you to spread it around.So if your wanting to feel like ^^^^^why don`t you join us for the last few open days at Figureout and see what its all about ? ClairePSOpen doors to new starters are…. Mon 22nd May,and Wed 24th
May.​​​​​​​and we have 2 places left
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Sometimes the right things are the hardest things to do.

Yup, I`m sitting here crying after a phone call from a very nice lady.Let me explain,For those of you who don`t know, I breed Birman cats.For close on 22 years I have had Birmans.Before the
children I used to breed from 2 queensand loved having kittens in the house even though I struggled and got upset when the kittens went to new homes.When the cats got old and we had children, I stopped breeding.Scroll forward several years and now that the
children are older, and my original birmans had a very long life, I was cat less, so I wanted to start breeding again as the time felt right. So for ages we searched for the right cat to breed from.Eventually we found Lulu, a beautiful blue point and
I was so excited to breed again.Scroll forward almost 3 years and countless visits to the stud, Lulu hasnt had any luck with having kittens, so I have had to make the really hard decision to rehome herand get another female kitten to try again.So today, a lovely lady looking for a birman called, and
where she lives sounds ideal plus she has other pedigree cats, so knows what do with Lulu.As the conversation went on I found myself just getting more and more upset, till I out the phone dowm and had a good cry.See making the right decision sometimes can be the hardest.AS much as
I love Lulu, I really don`t want to turn into a catlady with millions of cats in the house, plus Richard my otherwould not want it.So we limit ourselves to 3 cats, our neuter boy Solo and 2 femalequeens. So Lulu has to go. So a hard decision but has to be made ClairexPSOpen doors to new starters are…. Mon 22 nd May,and Wed 24th May.​​​​​​​and we have 2 places left
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What do you do, when bad news hits ?

I`m really interested, as I have had some bad news this weekendand its
knocked me for 10.Some of you may know that my Dad is battling with Stomach cancerand Friday I found out my Mum now has Bowel Cancer. So, not good news and its why I have been a bit quiet.Yes I had a few extra drinks on the weekend, so my dryweekend went out the window, but I only had a few, which for me is very good
!Having had a very quiet few days, finding myself just gazingout of the window and sighing and being short tempered withthe children, I kinda feel its key to stick to the planas regards my exercise and lifestyle is concerned.Why ? Well my exercise and lifestyle routine, helps me be the bestmum I can, why ?Cos I service my needs so I can service my family’s needs.Can you see that ?Do you agree ?ClairePSOpen doors to new starters are…. Monday 15th May, Wed 17 th May,Mon 22 nd May,and Wed 24th
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