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Birthday Burn out

After a birthday weekend of excessive eating and drinking
it’s safe to say I was feeling tired and bloated yesterday and I needed to reign it in a little.With 2 weeks left in the summer holidays, I`m conscious as much of my cover work for fellow instructors is finished as I didnt go away, I want to spend more time with the children before Sept comes and they will be back in School.Yes I will miss them a lot, and feel its hasn’t been their bestSummer, due mostly to do with stuff out of my control.On a positive side I can safely say I’m ready for September when normality will resume regarding a schedule.Anyone who says it’s easy to stay focused on your nutrition, exercise etc over the holidays is a bloody machine.I’m massively proud of the figureout fatloss members dedication to training over the holidays and most have lost over the breakwhich Im well pleased with, expecting most to just train whenthey can. and not be on track with food every day
it’s OK to be this way and is nothing to beat yourselves up over. You can`t be on it all the time.September is a busy time for most people starting back on their fitness journeys, after the excesses of summer holidays its a time when lots of people are realising
that lots of food, drink, holidays and inactivity have had an effect on their waistline and energy.If anyone is considering starting at Figureout let me know and I can reserve you a space before I advertise for the few slots we will be opening up.This week will be the last week for FREE admission to the online for 4 weeks and 2 weeks free on the Main program.It’s OK to wait until the kids go back, its OK to start now but if it’s something you’re considering then let me know now because the 5 spaces I have will go and I`m giving YOU first choice.We offer a 28 Day Trial to all new members so you can see if it’s for you or not, zero commitment just 4 weeks of getting to see us in action, meeting the other members and the coaching team as well as finding out about the new changes to the program since you may have been with us, pick up your new copy of the program to look at.You’ll be amazed at the difference you can achieve in just 4 weeks, you just need to make that first step, the rest will follow suit.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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The Black cab driver.

Ever see that program about the Black Cab drivers in London
?They have to learn where EVERY road in central London is BEFORE they can be aCABBIE !YUP – it takes some folks years to learn them, that`s why its called “The Knowledge”.Like most things that are worth achieving,there never is a fast fix, unfortunatelyits not at all sexy, just about repeatingthe right behaviour over and over again.Black cab drivers are the best so theyhave to know their stuff like the backof their
hand.When did you ever see a black cab driverget an A to Z out?Its second nature to them on how to getfrom A to B in London.That`s kinda what we look to do in Figureout,make as much as possible with food and workingout, second nature to you, so your not boggeddown with feeling like you need continual …..motivation focusinspirationor waiting for the right time to start.I`m really here to break it down to basic easysteps that build a behaviour that becomessecond nature to you and not something youstruggle to stick with !​​​​​​​So fancy learning “The
Figureout Fatloss Knowledge” ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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Sitting in the Sun sipping my Cider….

on Saturday, this record came on as thelive band were setting up. instantly brought tears to my eye and thattight feeling in your chest when you feel upsetWhy ?COS this was the music they played between holidaydestinations on the
Holiday Program on BBC 1many many years ago, maybe if your my age you willremember it as well with Cliff Michelmore, Joan Bakewell, Anne Gregg, Frank Bough, and of course the lovely JillDando.The whole ” Here comes the Sun do do do do “Just brought memories flooding back of watching thisprogram and its destinations giving my parents inspirationon wher to go on the continent all those years ago.Amazing the power of music to
move you ! Claire xPS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HERE
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The man who had it all…..

and did nothing with it.A few years ago I asked for some help from a local successful business man.He was excellent, gave me loads of his timeand I was really appreciative of his help.This gentleman was overweight, very stressed in his work, and was often ill, he like me sufferswith asthma and was suffering flare ups often andoften had a cough and or a cold. He
was keen to lose weight, as he had a young family,so I gave him everything I had, literally everything,all the recipe books, the program booklet and offereda weekly check in as well as a personal program I would have put together for
him.So what happened, you are maybe asking ? Absolutely nothing For whatever reason he wasn’t willing to…COMMITto change to get the RESULT.Funny cos I saw him the other week, his buinessis doing well, but the penny still hasnt droppedwith his
health.Thing is, what most successful business peopledon`t realise, is that if the sort their health outthey can work on their business ever better, as they are…..​​​​​​​ stronger, mentally more alert, can work more efficiently as well as avoid mid afternoon slumps.Not to mention the fat they will DEFINITELY be
around longer to appreciate the fruits of their labour.Sometimes its hard to teach folk whats best for them, they just have to see it orwork it out for themselves.​​​​​​​ Cheers ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if
your interested.What do you think ?Apply HERE
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Are you a Tortoise or a Hare ?

Yup, we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, where the slow, steady and consistent approach of the tortoise basically beat the fast and inconsistent behaviourof the hare. We all know and understand this story, so why is it when we come to our own well being, do MOST of us take the approach of the hare.We get sucked into the lure of fast fixand fast results, when in
the back of our mind we know the “shiny new object”thing never works long term.Ive lost count of the times people havecome to me, with their stories of splashing the cash on the severe dietsout there, and yes they lose a shed loadof weight, BUTthen,pile it all back on cos they haven’t really changed their outlook and relationship with food, just stuck a massive Elastoplastover the issue and when the plaster comesoff the same issues remain.We all know, mostly what to do, but wont, or feel we cant do it long term to seethe results we feel we so desperately need.That`s why I give
all my knowledge away for free as the real value and success, in what I do is helping people to…..establish a better routine, make better food choices,plan their food and exercise for the
week,review progress and be responsible for their actions,be accountable for their choices,establish behaviours that reinforce their results,and generally help them out of the fuzz and get them out of the “stuck in the mud” syndrome. Basically getting them on the path of the tortoiseNeed some help getting onto that path ?ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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What`s UP ?

So its 4.30 pmJust got back from CirencesterWashing is onAll food is awayPlanned my week sittingin the car on the
drivehome.Off out for a walk and a pintbefore ” no booze till next weekend”What are you up to ?​​​​​​​ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply
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I may not be what you think I am

The NO bullshit, stripped bare facts about me, warts and all!1 I WAKE SOME
MORNINGS….wracked with massive self doubt, thinking, I’m a failure. I doubt that I work hard enough and everything I have worked for will be taken way, and why would anyone want to work with me! After a tea/coffee, supps, an uplifting podcast ( currently the Body and the Beast ), looking out the window at the beautiful view and listening to the outdoors , I slowly come around, so by the time I hit the desk to make shit happen I’m OK, most of the time!2 I HONESTLY
DISLIKE TATTOOS. I personally think they are ugly and spoil an often beautiful body, BUT some of the coolest guys, that I hold in the highest regard and have helped me massively with my business have them, so as much as I dislike a tat, I certainly don’t have issues with those that do like them (I love watching Tattoo Fixers)!3 ONE OF MY BEST MATES….in Comprehensive went out with Michael Sheen (yes he was in school with me) and I went on the same residential
drama courses as him, but I wasn’t allowed to progress with drama as it wasn’t thought of as a “serious subject” to do as an `O` Level by my parents ! (something I wish I had stood up for myself and said NO)4 I’M SMALL…standing a mere 5 foot 1.5 inches tall, and admit I have on occasions, suffered with small person syndrome. I was bullied a lot in school, as I also had long red hair and ended having to fight my way out of many a painful emotional
experience. Bullying used to start at the bus stop unless a kind guy called Jeff Martin (miss you Jeff) was there to look after me, on the bus in, bus home as well as local youth club ! So I guess I looked an easy target !5 I WAS ONE OF THE….youngest female senior managers in what was British Steel at the tender age of 28 with my own office and company car. You definitely have to work harder and better to get on, I learned that fast, plus you need to be fairly
resilient to the banter, the gynaecologically explicit female calendars, plus all the shit that comes with standing out, being different and being small!6 As A SMALL PERSON…..some folk have mistaken me for someone who is easily swayed or convinced by seniority, popularity, a dominant male or verbal/mental/physical threats. The funniest was when ex rugby stars used to come into work as sales people for chemical suppliers and think that I would be swayed by their stardom
and popularity and give them or let them keep a contract within the Works (Mr Quinnell, I wasn’t for swaying !). They were sadly delusional! If I have that gut feeling I will stick by it no matter what or who you are!7 I USED TO BE 14 stone… my heaviest. I still struggle with maintaining my ideal weight. I still struggle with feeling good about my body whether it’s at ideal or over where I like to be, so yup I’m pretty flawed as well!8 I HAVE 4
children…..but still have a life. I love being a Mum but not a the expense of everything else. For me to be a good Mum, I need to, feel challenged, motivated, earning my own way, as well as be actively helping other people be happy in themselves..9 I BUST MY….bust my anterior cruciate ligament ( the important ligament that holds your knee in place ) in a kids school tug of war, had it repaired and bust it again doing heavy kettlebells. I had it repaired for a second time in 2
operations, one in Dec 15 and the following operation in Dec 16 with ligaments and bone grafts from an American Male cadaver. Thank you NHS ! As part of my pre operation, get strong I started Power lifting and entered my first competition in June2017 and looking forward to the next one probably in Nov/Dec10 I’M a HIPPY and YOGI AT HEART…I love yoga, meditation, burning the incense, funky clothes etc and just adore Glastonbury much to my husband’s
distain.11 I AM A CAT LOVER…and breed Birman Cats.12 I AM VERY SELF SUFFICIENT…in the fact I have had very little support from family over the years. Our once stable family unit is fractured and dysfunctional. My father recently passed away and I have taken the helm with being the strong person,making sure stuff gets done. I am recently learning to reach out and realise there is help and support out therefor all of the stuff I need help
with its just a case of asking for it and not being stubborn.13 I LOVE…..nice make up, having make overs, having my hair done as well as my nails.14 I LIKE PUSHING MYSELF…to the limits, I’m kind of crazy and my kids think I’m a lot MAD. I really fancy having a go at the SAS program that was on the telly recently, that’s right up my street ! I see myself at Everest Base camp before I die, something my dad wanted to do but never did it and want to
take up singing in front of people before I get too old.15 I’m MARMITE….yup you either like me or hate me, and I’m cool with that now ! After years and years of self doubt, being myself then worrying if I was not fitting in, when I left British Steel I was very guarded and almost on best behaviour teaching 27 fitness classes a week. My audience I realised was very different and most of the time I didn’t fit in. Same goes for the time spent at the school gate, I felt
totally alienated and paralysed most of the time. Massive thanks to a few folk who know eho they are for releasing the REAL me, warts, weird and all in a massive life changing program a few years ago.I am what I am, and yes I am my own SPECIAL creation !16 I’M EXPLOSIVE…and very direct, but never hold a grudge. A tough diamond exterior holds a passionate, soft as shit interior whose easy to bring to tears, but that’s very guarded and very few have access to the “inner
circle of trust”17 I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE…on Christmas day 1999, as I had a massive asthma attack and ended up in A andE for 4 hrs as they stabilised me. After ignoring a chesty cough in the build up to Christmas, it just got worse and worse, I learnt a BIG lesson that day and it took me months to recovery properly !18 I`VE BEEN ON QUESTION TIME. I love the program and always tune into it on a Thursday and was so chuffed to get on the
Cardiff Show earlier this year. David Dimbleby is a real cool guy.19 I’M A TRUE FITNESS VETERAN…if I turn up at a Fitness Convention most of the established big names on the fitness circuit know me cos I have been around so long, many I know on first name terms and I do blush in a class when I’m picked out as a familiar face !Massive thanks to my friend Darryl Preston and Michael King who made me want to become an aerobics instructor which started it all
off in Blackpool all those years ago and the fab videos that I basically wore out !I’ve seen it all come and go, initially watching my mum do Jane Fonda`s LP of gruelling exercises that put her back out and end up at the docs !Yup seen it, done it — gliding, Tae Bo, gliding, shake weight, ab rollers, that tube thing that looked like a drainpipe with a handle in the middle, WII Fit, Ab Rollers, Military style bootcamps, Power Plate, Toning shoes, Body blade, BOSU,
slendertone, line dancing, Zumba, Funky Pump yup it’s been a blast so far. I can now see what’s going to come and go like polloxing, metafit, muddy obstacle courses etc I even think that Crossfit, popular as it is will see a decline.In my ideal world I wish we could only have guys that are really passionate, professional, have empathy for those that are not as fit and strong as them and have a good grounding in safe technique that are really willing to help people make
themselves better versions of themselves. Like most things in life there are amazing trainers, good instructors, ok instructors and downright crap instructors !20 PILATES AND YOGA….have been my saviour as a mad passionate, sometimes aggressive, impatient short arse, these bring balance. Massive thank you to my tutor and friend Michael King for teaching me on your first Pilates course some 21 years ago.21 I’M PERSONALLY NOT A FAN OF…the pre
choreographed stuff like Body Pump , Body …. etc of this world, as I feel it stifles and has killed of a lot of the individuality of our young and upcoming folk, plus it’s a bit one size fits all which for me is a BIG no no. There is ALWAYS someone who needs an adaptation, variation of an exercise and these classes don’t allow for this. I’m MASSIVE fan and a complete nightmare on good form and posture in a session to avoid injury, but still have fun So yes I
understand why people go to this type of class, and yes they serve a purpose and people enjoy it, but it’s not for me.Happy FridayThank you for reading xClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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How to START

By Claire / a couple of weeks ago

Firstly remember everyone has to STARTsomewhere. Best thing is
to not OVERTHINK it.Juts get started with something SIMPLEthat you can achieve.If your not sure what to do then keepa food diary for a week, and just be HONEST and write EVERYTHING down on it.From that diary, stuff will pop out at youlike…I eat too much of …I don`t eat enough of …. etcDecide what your going to change and change it gradually, then move ontothe next thing you think you need to
changeIf your not sure, send ME your diary andI can help you make a start.Secondly, take a starting point and …1 weight2 take measurements3 take photosIn the weeks and months that
follow you will be grateful for doing the above.In times when your struggling andwondering if its worth it, thosestarting measurements and photoswill be THE thing that helps driveyou on.If you need to know how often to weigh,measure, and the best way to photographyourself as well as how to take accuratemeasurements, ask me and I will show you.​​​​​​​ Cheers ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HERE
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The Hardest Part….

By Claire / a couple of weeks ago

is actually making a start and
notoverthinking, procrastinating andmaking excuses for when the timeis right.Tomorrow I`m going to cover what are the best ways to START the next chapter in your life.ClairePS Want to come join us to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think
?Apply HERE
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Our BIG Announcement

By Claire / a couple of weeks ago

Its been a while coming, but next weekthe brand NEW Figureout Fatloss
ProgramBooklet will be revealed.Its the most up to date version of thesuccessful lifestyle change program thathas helped hundreds of local ladiesfor the past 5 years.Its been refined and improved over the years to incorporate a number of different variations to get the same consistent and long term results.It has the flexibility to work around what yourlooking for as well as incorporate all
your favourite foods and busy working life.We personally work around you, because we know that you have tried many different “diets” in the past and we are unique in the fact that,we fit the plan around you.So if you
haven’t worked with us for a while, ormaybe never taken the plunge before would you like a FREE copy ? Current women on the Figureout Fatloss Plan willreceive their copies next week, would yourlike one as well, so you can see for yourself how weachieve the results that we do ?Message me if your interested. ClairePS Want to come join us
to lose some weightover the Summer hols for FREE, let me know if your interested.What do you think ?Apply HEREClaire
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