Advent contemplation

By Claire / last month

Thursday, saw me running around last minute
for Advent Chocolate calendars for my crew, with the other parents who had left it till last minute.Looking a bit forlorn at the £10 Lindor ones left on the shelf in Tesco. I walked out.Sorry, but £10 x 4 is not on, so I walked away.So lucky, that I had to pick up my son from footy I grabbed 4 for £8 in Waitrose, result !It was often something my Mum used to do for the children, but lately I have had to rely on myself to get the deed done.Like Halloween, it’s become more about the calendar with a chocolate behind the daily box than the origins
of the season.Listening to the early morning radio 2 show on Saturday, the thought for today was all aboutAdvent.Did you know ?Advent was all about the build up to Christmas and quiet contemplation before the celebration, waiting, and in some case fasting till the big day.How different things have become, and meanings lost.I would love a bit of quiet contemplation and a bit of fasting maybe before the big blow out !Happy Monday guys xIf you’re looking for a bit of a heads up before
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