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Hi, my name is Claire Hendy, I am the down to earth, passionate, driven, brave, working mum that created Figureout. I too have struggled with my weight, suffered the lack of confidence, unhappiness, empty, unfulfilled feeling that goes with living in a body you’re not happy.

I have been through the frustrations, disappointments, lack of motivation as well as the downright anger at being overweight and feeling lacklustre, drained as well as bloated and flabby.

I have done the diet clubs, diet pills the cabbage diet, running forever and got shin splints, but nothing comes close to my own FIGUREOUT program for PERMANENT RESULTS.

I will tell you all my secrets of how I have got my body back after having had 4 children and maintain my weight successfully. I can help you get rid of the body fat that has crept up on you over time and makes you feel so unhappy now.

I can help rebuild your self confidence and make a better, stronger, slimmer, healthier you- for your future with your loved ones.

I want you like me, to take comfort in how you feel and look rather than in what you eat!

I want you to look at yourself in the mirror again and like what looks back – LOVE what looks back!

I am now passing this on to others who face the same issues that I have faced and conquered.

I now see others getting the fantastic results that I too have achieved.

Let me show you where I have come from and where I am now…

claire_before claire_after