23 years ago TODAY

By Claire / 6 months ago

I got married !Around that time ……Nelson Mandela was presidentThe Channel Tunnel was openedAyrton Senna diedWet Wet wet – Love is all around was Number 1 Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley John Smith (Labour Party leader)
dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in London.The Film Four Weddings and a Funeral released in the UK.The Camelot Group consortium wins the contract to run the UK’s first National Lottery,Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have dinner at the Granita restaurant in Islington and allegedly make a deal on who will become the leader of the Labour Party, and
ultimately, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.23 years ago we were wearing the leotards with the string up our bottoms, and I was a participant not a teacher !MY how times have changed.But one constant has been my better halfRichard, through good and harder times, always there to talk stuff through.The calm to my fire, the sense
to my madness,the patience to my impatience.So hope your all having a good Bank Holiday.30 days of FF for £30 is back Offer open for the next few days only. See tomorrows e mail for more info . Claire
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